K9 Fat Free TreatsTM

A delicious, healthy treat that receives rave reviews from dogs and their owners: 95% Dog Owner 5-Star (highest) Reviews (www.amazon.com)


  • Totally Fat free: the only dog treat of its kind in the market.
  • 2 Calories per treat.
  • Hip and Joint K9 treats are made with glucosamine and chondroitin to support your dog’s health.
  • Cholesterol & Sodium free. Dogs of all sizes love the taste; and really love the crunch.
  • Available in .25 oz. Beef Flavor.
  • Buy Me, Try Me .25 oz. (Beef Flavor) 4 oz. & 10 oz., Beef, Chicken, and Hip & Joint (Hip & Joint comes in chicken flavor only)


  • Dental health and fresh breath.
  • Delicious weight-control and effective training treat.
  • Crunchy texture and meaty taste that dogs love, without all the fat and empty calories.

How it works

Visit www.pethealthybrands.com to find your local K9 Fat Free Treats retailer, click here or call 469-899-5991 to place an order directly.

Get K9 Fat Free Treats delivered straight to your door with in 3-5 business days with standard delivery.

Open your resealable bag
of K9 Fat Free Treats and let
the treating begin!

Why Is K9 Fat Free Treats Better?


No surprise here but alot of the leading dog treats, Pup-peroni, Milkbone, and Greenies all aren’t 100% natural even though our dogs, they sure dig it! Problem is, it’s loaded with synthetic additives and preservatives which can cause intestinal inflammation, organ damage or even cancer!

K9 Krak is an all-natural treat with no extra additives or preservatives AND dogs go crazy over it. There are no artifical dyes or fillers such as grains used in alot of pet treats. Grains that aren’t fit for humans to eat, like moldy grains containing carcinogenic mycotoxins, are still allowed in pet products. We want to promote pet health and longevity which is why all of our products are 100% all-natural ALL THE TIME.

Leading Competitors

Perfect Litter


It’s easy to find high quality, well balanced foods for our dogs. Dog food is so well designed that many veterinarians believe that dogs often eat better than their owners! So why then do so many veterinarians, trainers, and animal behaviorists also recommend that dog owners give their animals treats?


Giving dog treats has many advantages. If your dog is going to have its next 20 or 100 meals come from the same bag, an occasional treat of a different flavor will make life more enjoyable. And while it is important to keep your pet on a consistent brand of pet food to avoid digestive upsets, an occasional dog treat won’t hurt.


When teaching a command or reinforcing behavior, a positive reward helps the pet recognize what you want her to do. Dog treats are useful training tools, provided you don’t give too many or so frequently that the treats lose their reward influence. If your dog isn’t producing the results you want, don’t give her a treat. Be patient, and always give your dog the opportunity to succeed.


After an illness or injury, it is important to get patients eating again. Soft, easy to chew, and flavorful treats can entice your dog’s appetite and get her back on her normal diet. Other stressful situations can also send a dog off her diet, which is why many boarding facilities utilize treats to encourage their guests to stay on their normal diet.


Treats that are firm and fairly hard are great for helping to clean teeth by removing tartar and plaque.

Hear Directly From Customers

  • Helps with My Older Dog
    It’s hard to watch your best friend and pet as they get old and slow down. That’s why K9 Fat Free “Hip & Joint” is so important as a treat for my 12 year old Collie, Lucy. It really keeps her active, makes her feel a lot younger.

  • Finally a weight control treat!
    We get a kick out of tossing K9 Fat Free treats to our three Corgies — they think it’s a game, and we don’t mind, since we know these treats are made from all natural and low calorie ingredients. More is better!

  • Thanks for keeping my dog healthy!
    My dog’s nutrition is extremely important to me. Keeping his weight under control means he feels good, and will be around for a long time. K9 Fat Free treats keeps him healthy, and both of us happy.